Bayou Bend Turf Grass

Premium Turf Grasses
from Louisiana

Bayou Bend Turf Grass is committed to providing the highest quality sprigs and turf grass. Here are the types of sod grass Bayou Bend offers.
Specialty Grasses
Grass Sprig Shipping Container

Specialty Grasses

Bayou Bend Turf Grass sprigs are weed-free, healthy, and vigorous, making them ideal for golf courses. They have a high percentage of growth points (nodes) on relatively short individual sprigs and are genetically pure. To guarantee a speedy and smooth grow-in, these are uniformly spread thick enough so that the nodes contact the soil or a greens mix.

Grass sprigs are shipped in 30-gallon plastic containers. Each container covers a 500-square-foot planting area. Furthermore, the container keeps the sprigs viable for days by isolating air from the exterior. Depending on the area of the green in question, containers can be easily placed in the required quantities.

Residential and Commercial Grass

DragonFly Turf

In the interest of marketing healthy, weed-free centipede grass and saving valuable time at the job site, Dragonfly Turf does not harvest sod until the grass runners have grown to create a thick carpet. As a result, the sod does not fall apart when handled. Repeat customers are not unusual because Dragonfly Turf only sells sod that meets their standard of excellence. Centipede grass is sold and shipped on pallets.