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Located near Bastrop in northeast Louisiana, Bayou Bend Turf Grass is available to plant any of their certified TifEagle, Tifdwarf, Tifgreen, and Miniverde® grasses.

Bayou Bend Turf Grass, which has been in business for over four decades and is the recipient of a Morehouse Economic Development Corp. award, provides quality specialty grasses for customers wanting only the best for their projects.  Only clean, high-quality grasses are grown by Bayou Bend Turf.

Bayou Bend Turfgrass

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Miniverde®, Tifeagle, Tifdwarf, and Tifgreen are specialty grasses available at Bayou Bend.

In partnership with Wilderness Turf of Mer Rouge, LA, Tif-Way, Saint Augustine, and Zoysia grasses may be provided on pallets or as sprigs for larger areas.

Additionally, Centipede is available through Dragonfly Turf, which operates adjacent to Bayou Bend’s specialty grass fields.

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What is a “Bushel” of Grass Sprigs?

Since grass orders need a common point of reference to determine planting rates and pricing, grass sprigs are usually ordered in “bushels.”

The definition of a "bushel" of grass sprigs has been discussed and argued (sometimes heatedly) ever since most of us can remember.  Some of the definitions offered over the years include:

  1. "Industry Bushel" = sprigs gathered from a one square yard area of turf
  2. U.S. Bushel = 1.244456 cubic feet
  3. "Georgia Bushel"= 0.32 cubic feet
  4. "Texas Bushel" = 1 "Big Bushel?" = Who knows?

Certainly, grass producers and customers of grass products need a common point of reference to determine planting rates and pricing, but a "bushel" "ain't" it.  Even if a universal definition is accepted there are so many variables involved in a given volume of sprig material that continued confusion is inevitable.

Questions that arise include:

  1. The ratio of vigorous, genetically pure, weed-free plant material to clippings, old senescent accumulations, soil and other extraneous matter.
  2. The compaction factor. (I hear you: "It's compressed" - but, how compact is it?)
  3. Are we talking about a preponderance of individual sprigs or clumps and chunks?
  4. Does the material consist of hay (grass with an abundance of long leaves and long internodes) or of a product that has been maintained in a manner to maximize the number of nodes per unit volume?

The ideal plant material is healthy, vigorous, weed free, and genetically pure with a proportionately high percentage of nodes on relatively short individual sprigs that can be uniformly spread thickly enough so that these growth points (nodes) are put in contact with soil or a greens mix to ensure a quick, smooth grow-in.

The point is that when specifying "bushels" per 1,000 square feet or "bushels" per acre superintendents, architects, and construction contractors will be well served to do some real homework by checking with their peers and colleagues about their experiences with various suppliers and installers of grass sprigs.

To simplify the planting process, Bayou Bend's sprigs are packed in 30-gallon plastic boxes.  Each box covers 500 square of planting area.

The boxes keep the sprigs viable for days on end by excluding air from the outside.  Boxes can be easily positioned in needed quantities at each green dependent on the area of the green in question.

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